Request Removal of Offensive Google Autocomplete Predictions

Google’s Auto suggest function can be incredibly damaging to a person or brand, If Google suggests words such as “scam” and “reviews” and “complaints” in association with a brand or persons name, such as the following example:


Atlanta Medical Day Spa Reviews and Complaints Auto Suggest

According to Google, as much a 64% of search users will choose an auto suggest from the pop-up list, rather than completing their original search phrase. In the above example, neither “reviews” nor “complaints” would not be considered offensive in a take-down request, but these suggestions by Google demonstrate how businesses today stand or fall by Google.


Google has been sued on several occasions because of defamatory auto suggest results appearing through this function. Google has lost in some countries, but not in the United States.


If there are illegal or offensive autosuggestion terms appearing when your name, or brand is Googled,  then Google does provide a form to submit a removal request from the Auto Suggest library.


Although, as per Google’s normal track record with Internet defamation, we do not hold out a lot of hope that they will approve your request. But, all you have to lose his time, the form is located here:



 Professional Help:

If Google will not remove the auto suggest phrase from the drop-down display, you can mitigate the damage being done to reputation by taking control of the resulting search engine result pages (“SERPs”).


Contact us to get started. 

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