A Brief Background

An Extensive Background in Google Search Engine Optimization & Reputation Management

We’ve been in the business of search engine reputation management for nearly a decade.  As such we’ve accumulated extensive knowledge on the inner workings of Google and other major search engines.   When Google released it’s Autocomplete feature a few years back, we make it a company challenge to crack to Google Autocomplete algorithm in order to offer our clients a way to remove words and phrases from the drop-down list of predicted words generated by Google Autocomplete.

The Challenge: to Change Google Search Autocomplete

At the time, not a lot was know about how Google Autocomplete works.  We began researching Search Engine Autocompletes,paying particular attention to Google Search.  It didn’t take long until we were quite well versed on search autocompletes and the inner workings of Google’s Autosuggest Algorithm.  We we’re soon able to develop a strategy which, according our predictions, could be used to significantly alter the auto-generated words and phrases suggested via Google Autocomplete as different letters, words and phrases are typed in the Google search bar.

The End Result: The Birth of Google Autocomplete Changer

Well it just so happened that our predictions were right!  Using 1 to 4 word phrases, we tested our new technique over a hundred times.  The results were shocking even to us.  Out of the 100 phrases we ran what we dubbed the Google Autocomplete Changer on, we were able to change the autocomplete suggestions for 99.  That’s a 99% success rate! That’s when we knew we had created a reliable way to change Google Autocomplete suggestions!

Since then, we’ve continued to study search engine autocomplete algorithms in order to better understand how they work and how they can be manipulated.  This has afforded us the opportunity to keep the Google Autocomplete Changer ahead of the curve and continue to improve to process.




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