The workplace according to Google Autocomplete

The table below shows the top three suggestions of the study across the 12 months. 


 My workplace is:My workmates:My boss*:Going to work is*:Work is*:My job is:1stunsafedon’t like mehates medepressingmaking you numbboring2ndmaking me sickhate meis lazya waste of timestressing me outso boring3rdtoxicare lazyis bullying me-depressingkilling me


It should be noted that some Autocomplete suggestions were removed because they were unrelated to the study. For example, the phrase “my boss is…” was completed with “my hero” as the top suggestion. However, this was not the sentiment held by employees towards their managers, but the result of there being a popular 2001 South Korean film named “My boss, my hero”.


It cannot be concluded from my study that workplaces are “unsafe”, for instance, simply because this was the most prevalent Autocomplete suggestion.

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